Last Time The Cubs Won A World Series...

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Last Time The Cubs Won A World Series...

Post  Cincy Fan 44 on Sat Sep 06, 2008 10:09 pm

Saw this interesting list while watching the Reds/cubs game tonight of things from the year 1908, when the cubbies last won a World Series:

1) 8% of homes had a telephone
2) only 8,000 cars & 144 miles of paved roads
3) tallest structure in world: Eiffel Tower
4) Average Salary: $200-$400 Yearly
5) American Flag had 45 stars
6) Population of Las Vegas: 30
7) Crossword Puzzles, Canned Beer, and Ice Tea hadn't been invented.

I think they left off that John McCain was 10 years old and doing well in 4th grade... Laughing

Life...what a great choice.
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