Terrelle Pryor in the doghouse?

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Terrelle Pryor in the doghouse?

Post  Cincy Fan 44 on Wed Sep 09, 2009 11:22 pm


BUCKEYES BUZZ: Coach Jim Tressel said a couple things Tuesday when asked about QB Terrelle Pryor's homage to Michael Vick.

In Saturday's 31-27 win over Navy, Pryor had lettering on his eyeblack patches in honor of his sister and also Vick. After the game, he said he didn't think Vick was getting a fair shake from people critical of his role in bankrolling a dogfighting ring. Vick, formerly of the Atlanta Falcons and now with the Philadelphia Eagles, spent 18 months in a federal prison before being reinstated last month by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Tressel said the reason Pryor wore the tribute to Vick was because he's such a kindhearted person.

"I guess you'd have to know Terrelle like I know Terrelle," Tressel said Tuesday during his weekly news conference. "There's probably not a more compassionate human being in the world than Terrelle. ... You would have to know him the way I know him to understand that he didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings, to be insensitive to something that someone feels strongly about, that's just not him."

Ohio State has no rules in place to limit what a player can write on his lampblack. For instance, LB James Laurinaitis frequently had a Bible references written under his eyes last season.

"It's a little bit tough in this country to have too much of a policy on personal expression," Tressel said.

Tressel is frequently described as a micromanager. But he said this was one area he had not considered managing.

"I've got to be honest with you, I am a micromanager, but I haven't micromanaged that one, honestly," he said. Then he joked, "So I apologize, I'll get a little more hands-on."

One thing I like about Tressell is that he always seems to have his player's back. That and he also coaches the best damn team in the land.

Life...what a great choice.
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