Obama and Social Security

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Obama and Social Security

Post  Scooby01_98 on Tue Sep 13, 2011 11:03 am

Okay, here is the question. Is Obama proving that social security can be partially privatized as GWB wanted to do?

Reason for this question.

Democrats have always stated needed every cent to keep social security funded with the fund good till 2041 I believe at current rates and benefits, so SS could not afford not to collect every cent. This year Obama has given back 2% and next year wants to expand it to 6.2% (3.1% for the individual and 3.1% for the company). So is Obama proving GWB was right it can be partially privatized without hurting current recipients?

Now about the scare tactic back in August. If social security is funded several years out why the scare tactic about no social security checks Aug 3rd without the debt ceiling increase?
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