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America's Got Talent - Huh?

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America's Got Talent - Huh? Empty America's Got Talent - Huh?

Post  Aggie Transplant Thu Sep 16, 2010 8:24 am

Really? Out of all those acts in America's Got Talent, Michael Grimm won? I was shocked, quite frankly. He's an entertaining singer, but I would have picked him as finishing last out of the four final acts. Not that I can picture Fighting Gravity as a Vegas show (would get old after one or two numbers), or a ten-year-old girl headlining in Vegas, so maybe America did pick the best headliner act from those three. (Prince Poppycock certainly would have fit in with Vegas quite nicely.)

Maybe the folks from New Orleans banded together to vote for Grimm; that's the only thought I have. (Of course, as Sharon mentioned last night, Ozzie's money was on Grimm, so perhaps I am short-sighted.)

Anyone else have an opinion?

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