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Pennsylvania Primary

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Pennsylvania Primary Empty Pennsylvania Primary

Post  Guest Tue Apr 22, 2008 2:35 pm

I expect that Clinton will win, but by a much narrower margin than she expects. The chick has literally stopped making sense... From a NYTimes article...

Outside polling station in Conshohocken, a northern suburb of Philadelphia, Mrs. Clinton was asked about the margin of victory she sought.

“A win is a win,” she replied. “My opponent is outspending me 30 to 1 maybe 4 to 1. I think a win under these circumstances is a terrific accomplishment.”

“Why can’t he close the deal?” she said about Mr. Obama’s spending advantage. “Why can’t win a state like this?” Her remarks mirrored a statement she had made earlier in the day.

“The road to Pennsylvania Avenue for a Democrat goes right through Pennsylvania,” Mrs. Clinton said in an interview on CBS’s “The Early Show.”

She dodged questions about her husband’s comments on race while trying to clarify her comment on Monday night about obliterating Iran.

“If Iran were to attack Israel with a nuclear weapon, we would retaliate,” she said Tuesday morning. “There would be a very high price to play.”

He's outspending Clinton 4-1 because most donors dont think Clinton can win. Winning in a state like PA will only prolong the inevitable. Her asking why Obama cant close the deal suggests that a deal is on the table, and it's just a matter of the ink drying.

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Pennsylvania Primary Empty Re: Pennsylvania Primary

Post  Guest Tue Apr 22, 2008 4:21 pm

She's grasping.... sounds much like the Dem's back in the last two elections, how they were just formal ceremonies before their candidate won, only to have the people tell them to piss off. She's not trying to win, she's trying to have Obama lose.

She has the same problem Kerry and Gore did, no one wants to rally around her. At best they will rally against her opponent, which isn't happening with Obama. Instead she's getting all the racists (open and closet), women who want to see a woman in "the boys room" and idiots who think she actually can "relate" to them.

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