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Bengals in Playoffs!

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Post  Cincy Fan 44 Fri Feb 10, 2012 9:17 pm

Pez wrote:
Cincy Fan 44 wrote:
guilty as charged. at least I didn't jump ship and try to become a Colts fan. I wonder how many "fans" twisted an ankle jumping off their bandwagon this year?

Bwaaaahahahahaha.... I actually went looking for the old post too...

As far as colts fans jumping off the bandwagon, meh... who cares... I tend to look at the colts optimistically... hopefully finally expunging the phrase "we do what we do".

manning aside, the colts organization looks to be doing the right things... with Manning, no one seems to know shit....
I think I posted the comment over on Facebook...
Cincy Fan 44
Cincy Fan 44
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